Welcome to Andor

The epic fantasy adventure game takes you into a fantastic kingdom full of magical creatures and brave heroes. Defend the king’s castle as a warrior, sorceress, dwarf, or female archer. Complete difficult trials, defeat determined opponents, and protect the country from a dark secret.

Get THE game for…

…Andor fans: in twelve new epic legends you will learn about previously unknown stories from the mystical past of Andor, as well as new inhospitable landscapes beyond the Riedland. Meet new challenging opponents and old companions – completely without board and tile setup.

…fantasy fans: 

Immerse yourself in the legendary kingdom full of gors and trolls, wizards and dwarves, archers and warriors. An extensive world of fantastic creatures, brave heroes, and thrilling adventures awaits you

…gamers and strategists:

Choose your strategy wisely, because you only have a limited number of moves to complete your tasks. You can bring any legend to a happy ending in a number of ways as you skillfully use your characters and their abilities. 


Simple rules and a comprehensive tutorial make it easy to get started. The game offers a challenging gaming experience to both Andor fans and beginners.

…board game fans:

The game is based on the board game ‘The Legends of Andor‘, which was awarded the Kennerspiel des Jahres (Connoisseur Game of the Year) in 2013. It was developed together with Michael Menzel, the inventor of Andor, and game author Jörg Ihle. The game offers you board game fun – anytime, anywhere.


The country of Andor needs your help! Can you ward off the new threat from the south? Get the exciting single-player fantasy adventure for your phone or tablet.